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Why 2024 Is The Year To Start Your Own Gaming Store

Why 2024 Is The Year To Start Your Own Gaming Store

When you think of gaming the first thing that pops into your mind is probably video games. The reality is that while this is the most popular form of gaming, we have currently there has been a massive spike in interest when it comes to tabletop games. Whether you’re talking about Settlers of Catan, dungeons, and Dragons, or Connect Four these are all types of tabletop games that have earned a name for themselves over many decades. With this spike there is an increasing demand for people can sell those games since more often than not they are pretty hard to come by. If you are both interested in gaming and in potentially taking advantage of this lack of offer you might be thinking about starting your very own gaming store. Well, 2024 is the best time ever to do so. So let’s take a look at why and how you can go about making your business a success once you decide if you want to do it or not.

The State of Gaming in 2024

First and foremost it’s important to address the fact that table talks while being very popular are still very much in niche hobby compared to video games. That much becomes even more apparent when you look at the actual numbers. My number is we are of course talking about the sales figures and the estimated growth of each industry year by year. While board games are estimated to become an around $3 billion industry by 2027 the video game industry is currently at around 190 billion in 2024 with numbers rising every year even with the post-COVID negative numbers. Despite these very big sales figures it’s important to understand that both industries are currently facing a bit of a culture shift as many people are starting to focus their attention on independent products because of the behavior of massive companies. This is especially positive when you think about the fact that independent companies offer products of generally greater quality for lower prices which can be a great place to start when opening a store.

The Logistics

When we talk about opening a store, we are not necessarily talking about opening a physical store by itself. Generally, the best way to do it especially when you are planning to sell things that are appealing to obvious who are generally well-connected to the online culture is to simply open an online store and have your merchandise stored in a storage unit. This not only allows you to sell easily online but you can also avoid having merchandise piled up in your apartment. Storing your product in a storage unit also is a cheaper and safer way to keep your goods all in the same place. This way you have less risk of your merchandise getting damaged or stolen since most storage companies have security cameras and can monitor units using a web based self storage software. If you are looking to build a business online the best way to do it is of course to have the least number of things to pay so you can make as much money as possible from your sales of online products.

As you can see running a gaming store in 2024 is a great way to make some profit for yourself and is also pretty easy once you figure out all the basics that you require. If you are obvious yourself, you will find some great opportunities to both enjoy your hobby as well as share it with people who are also interested in said hobby. It is even easier than ever considering that many platforms exist to help beginners create their online stores as well as learn the basics of marketing when it comes to starting a company. So don’t be afraid to take a risk and do something that you enjoy that could potentially bring you a lot of great opportunities business-wise.