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The Best AR Mobile Games That Will Get You Moving

The Best AR Mobile Games That Will Get You Moving

Augmentred reality games, or AR games for short, have come into the forefront of the public eye in recent years. Thanks primarily to the advancements in smartphone technology. Previously, AR games were limited to web browsers and involved sifting through different cryptic clues, messages, and videos hidden on various web pages and social media sites.

These days AR games are a lot more advanced. And more focused on getting the players out and about. Using various different gadgets to track your progress. The most common form of AR games these days use your phone’s camera to superimpose a virtual world on the real one. Others use tracking gadgets like FitBits or smart watches to monitor progress.

AR games are a fantastic way to integrate gaming into your daily exercise. To that end we have hand selected the best AR games that are certain to get you moving!

Pokemon GO

The game that started the AR revolution. Pokemon GO might not have been the first AR game. But it is the one that made the smartphone virtual overlay system so popular. The game follows the idea of any Pokemon game. You find Pokemon. Catch them. And battle others. But to find the Pokemon you have to go out exploring the real world.

Various locations within your local area will be marked as Gyms or Pokestops. Players can battle for control of these locations or use them to restock their items. As you move through the real world you will encounter new Pokemon. The game uses your step count to level up and evolve your Pokemon as well. Encouraging you to walk as much as possible.

RideEvery Tile

A lot of AR games are more focused on walking around. But RideEvery Tile puts cycling into the limelight. The game itself is hosted on a website where you upload your cycling data after a ride. The game has split the entire globe into a grid system. The idea is to ride through as many of these grids as possible.

The game has a small but active community. Players can upload notes and stories about their routes alongside their statistics. Even those without a bike can use their cities electric bikes for commuting to get in on the fun. As long as you have a phone you’re good to go.

There seem to be no plans to create a dedicated app for the game as of yet. But we hope that, as it becomes more popular, the creators will consider it.

Pikmin Bloom

This is perhaps the most tranquil of the AR games out there. Based on the popular Nintendo series, Pikmin Bloom puts the focus on enjoying your walks and making the world a more beautiful place. Creating memories and spending time with your Pikmin. The game doesn’t feature any competitive elements. It is more focused on the spirit of exercise and cooperation.

The main goal in Pikmin Bloom is to grow flowers. As you walk through the world you will leave a trail of flower seeds behind you. Over time these flowers will bloom into beautiful gardens. Walking also helps grow your Pikmin. The virtual overlay lets you take pictures of your Pikmin enjoying the gardens you created. You can see the work other players have done as well and share in your success.


If you are looking for a competitive AR game with a global scope then Ingress is the one for you. Perhaps the most ambitious AR game out there, Ingress puts two teams against one another for control of the globe. In a similar vein to the Gyms in Pokemon Go, players need to fight for control of key areas on their local map.

The game offers a lot more complexity than Pokemon Go though. Once a player has achieved control of an area they can link it up with two other controlled areas to form a triangular ‘Area Of Control.’ These control areas designate a section of the world under that faction’s control. The areas can be as small as a few streets to the entire country.

Zombies, Run!

Released way back in 2012, ‘Zombies, Run!’ is one of the best fitness AR games out there. It elevates your running to the next level. The premise is simple. You play as a character trying to outrun a horde of zombies while collecting supplies for your camp and uncovering clues about the zombie pandemic.

The game does this through audio narration. As you run the story unfolds around you. You find supplies and are told when you need to speed up or are free to slow down. The game lets you customize your workout session. Using interval training to create a fully immersive and amazing workout regime.