Quick Tips
1. Be creative with passwords – easy to remember but hard to guess!

2. Always be kind online!

3. Follow the Golden rule! Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do
in real life.

4. If you are ever cyberbullied, STOP, BLOCK, and TELL a trusted adult.

5. Spelling counts! Check your spelling in everything you do online.

How to create a Bearrific™ password!

How do I choose my password?

Be creative – your password should be easy for you to remember but hard for
other people to guess. Pet’s names, family members’ names, birthdays or even your
favorite activity might be too easy for others to guess. Using both letters and
numbers is a great way to make your password super safe.

How do I keep my password safe?

  • 1. Don’t share your password with anyone except your parents, not even your
    beary best friend!
  • 2. If someone finds your password, change it right away!
  • 3. On public computers, like those you use at school or the library, always
    unclick the "remember me" button so that strangers can’t login to your
    account after you leave.

Why is this important?

If a cyberbully knows your password, they can lock you out of your account, change
your character, spend your Bear Bills® and pretend they’re you when they talk
to other characters online.

Stop Cyberbullies!

A cyberbully is anyone who uses the Internet, phone or other device to send or post
hurtful messages or images to others. It also includes anyone who might log onto
your account without your permission. If you feel hurt by someone who has done something
like this to you, always tell a trusted adult.


We have worked beary hard to make sure that Build-A-Bearville™ is a safe place
for you and your furry friends to play, but sometimes it can still be misused. Remember
to stop talking to them – don’t reply back, block them from
talking to you and tell a trusted adult. If another player is bullying you,
just double click on their character and click on "report player". We
take all reports beary seriously and will investigate them right away.

Keep your personal information is PERSONAL

Never share your real name, address, phone number, age, name of your school or any
other personal information with anyone online.

Tween Angels

Tween Angels are kids just like you! They are experts on online safety and can answer
your questions about cyberbullies.

Submit a question to Tween Angels!

Not all questions will be answered. Please contact vwhelp@buildabear.com if you
have a question about Build-A-Bearville.

Build-A-Bearville Rules
1. Always be kind and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Swearing, cheating, bullying or any other mean behavior is never allowed and can
lead to your account being suspended and/or banned permanently.

2. Keep chat and behavior safe and appropriate.

Any chat or behavior that is abusive, obscene, threatening, offensive, sexually
explicit, ethnically or racially offensive or references drugs or alcohol can lead
to a permanent ban of your account without warning.

3. Never give out personal information.

The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number,
address, email or passwords. Sharing your own or others personal information can
lead to a permanent ban of your account.

4. Keep virtual stuff virtual.

Advertising, selling or buying virtual stuff for real world money through Build-A-Bearville
or any other site is not allowed and can lead to a permanent ban of your account.