How do I register in the online world?

Chloe Rocks

Go to and click on the “PLAY” button.  Then you will select “Click here to sign up for FREE”.  Follow the directions to choose a password and create your own character, expressing your personality by choosing skin color, hairstyle and fashions – over 200,000 options!

 Build-a-Bear Workshop

Once you’ve logged in, you can visit the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop® store in Town Square to bring your furry friends to life online.

How much does it cost to play at

Logo Bearville

It’s free to play at  There are no membership fees! For even more furbulous fun, you can bring the furry friends you make at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores or at to life in our online world for free.


How do I bring my Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friend to life online?


To bring your furry friend to life online:

  • – Log into your account
  • – Go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop store
  • – Give the Bear Builder® associate the animal ID and key code found on your furry friend’s birth certificate

Your furry friend will jump into your cool virtual backpack and you’ll be ready to explore the world together.

What do I get when I register my furry friend at

Each new Build-A-Bear Workshop stuffed animal friend comes with cool virtual stuff. Plus, make our newest friends and get 1,000 BONUS Bear Bills!Gifts

Why do some furry friends come with 1,000 bonus Bear Bills?

1,000 BearBills

Whenever a new furry friend arrives at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores, you can get 1,000 extra Bear Bills free just for bringing it to life online within a month of its arrival date.


How do I go places in Bearville – the online world?


You can make your avatar walk by clicking where you want to go on the screen. Step on the triangles to go to the next screen.


Step on the pawprints to enter buildings and to look at the catalogs in stores.

Is there a map of Bearville?

Map button

Once you are logged into the virtual world, look at the top right of your screen to find a map button. Click it to bring up the World Map. You can see all of the locations in the online world this way. Click on a location and you will be transported directly there.

How do I change dens?

Den's choice

Each time you log into the virtual world, you’ll have to select a den to play in. You can choose any den you want, or click a friend’s name in your list to join them in their den!

 Button change den in PDA

Once you’re logged in, you can change dens at any time by selecting «Change Den» under «Settings» /<<Options>> in your CyBearZone.

How do I see my inventory or change what I’m wearing?

Chloe Rocks

You can view your stuff by clicking on the «My Stuff» button at the bottom right of your screen.


On the left you’ll see your number of Bear Bills, Bearville Outfitters credits and your stuff. Use the buttons at the top to see the different categories – clothing, accessories, furniture, miscellaneous, furry friends’ items and more.


On the right of your screen you’ll see your character, or if you click the Furry Friend tab, you’ll see the furry friend currently in your backpack. Select items on the left and you’ll see your character or furry friend wearing them on the right.

Furniture will only show up in your «My Stuff» if you haven’t placed it in your Cub Condo house.

How do I sit on furniture?

Avatar sit on furniture

Your character can sit on furniture in your Cub Condo house and in certain seating areas throughout the world! Just click where you’d like to sit and, if possible, your character will take a seat!

 Bear's menu

In your Cub Condo, you can also ask your Furry Friends to sit by double clicking on them and choosing «Sit down.»

How do I dance?

Button moves

To dance or do a move, just click on the «Moves & Food» button at the bottom right of your screen and select your move.


What are the different types of chat?

Silent Chat

By choosing this option, you will not be able to chat, but you can still use emoticons to express the way you feel. You will not see anyone else chatting.

Instant Chat

Instant Chat is available to all citizens of the online world. To chat, just choose from the list of pawsome things to say! You will only see other citizens chatting with Instant Chat.

Safe Open Chat

Safe Open Chat is available to citizenswith their parent’s permission. To chat, just type in the chat bar at the bottom of your screen. You will only be allowed to use words that are in our approved dictionary.

How can I change my chat type?

Chloe Rocks

You can change your chat options by selecting the chat type you would like under «Settings>>/<<Options» in your CyBearZone. An email will be sent to your parents so they can approve your changes.

Why are some of the words I’ve typed red?

Words in red are not in our approved dictionary and cannot be said in the world. You will need to try saying your message in a different way.

How do I make friends?

Chloe Rocks

To ask another citizen to be your friend, just double click on their character and select «Add Friend». If they accept, you’ll become friends and appear in eachothers’ Furbulous Friends Lists.

Can I ignore someone if they are bothering me?

Buddy list button

To ignore another citizen, just double click on their character and select «Ignore». You will no longer see them on your screen.

 Avatar's menu - Ignore

To un-ignore, go to your Furbulous Friends List by clicking on the friends button at the bottom left of your screen. Choose the citizen under «Ignored» and select «Stop Ignoring».

How do I report a player for bad behavior?

Report this player

Some types of behavior are unacceptable, such as using bad language, cheating or asking for personal information like real names or phone numbers. If you see another citizen doing any of these things, you can report them by double clicking on their character and selecting «Report this player». You will be asked a few questions about what happened and the Bearville team will take care of the rest.


How do I find games to play?

There are a few ways to find games in Bearville. You can visit our game page found on and play some games, however you won’t receive Bear Bills unless you log into your account.  You can also long into our virtual world and have your avatar walk around to discover all the pawsome games for yourself or click the Game button in the upper left corner of your screen and select the game you would like to play.

What are animal adventures?

Animal adventures are quests that you play with your furry friend. They are only available for Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friends made after October 2007. You’ll be awarded Bear Bills – the official virtual currency of Bearville – to spend in the world when you complete your adventure.

I’m on an animal adventure and I can’t get back in to complete it, why?

Make sure the furry friend you started the animal adventure with is the same one you are carrying when you enter the Libeary. Each furry friend gets its own animal adventure.

What are Bear Bills & how do I earn them?

Bear Bills are the official virtual currency of Bearville. They can be earned by bringing a new furry friend to life, playing games and quests and by completing animal adventures with your furry friend.

Where can I buy clothes or furniture?

You can buy clothes for your online character in the PawletteCoufur® boutique in the Furbulous Fashion District, furniture for your Cub Condo house in the Bear Stuff® store in Town Square and new rooms for your Cub Condo in the LumBear Yard in the Market Place.

Plus, you can use store credits to buy exclusive stuff for your character, furry friend and Cub Condo house at the Bearville Outfitters in Town Square. You can earn store credits by making purchases at your local US, UK or Canadian Build-A-Bear Workshop store and at or

Where can I buy clothing for my furry friend?

The only place to buy clothing for your furry friend is at the Bearville Outfitters store in Town Square. You’ll need Bearville Outfitters credits to shop, and you can get them by making purchases at your local US, UK or Canadian Build-A-Bear Workshop store and at or, or by buying them directly at or

How do I shop at the Bearville Outfitter?

When you make a purchase at a US, UK or Canadian Build-A-Bear Workshop store or online at or, you can shop for free exclusive virtual stuff for your furry friend and online character!
Plus, now you can buy Bearville Outfitters credits at or!

To shop in the Bearville Outfitter:

  • – Log into your account
  • – Go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop store
  • – Give the Bear Builder associate the receipt code found at the bottom of your receipt or enter your web code purchased on
  • – You will get virtual credit(s) to shop at the Bearville Outfitters store

What’s trading?

Trading is a pawsome way to find cool stuff, or get rid of items you don’t need anymore. If you want to trade, double-click on another character in the world and select «Ask to Trade».

If they accept, you’ll see your trade menu. When it’s your turn, add items and/or Bear Bills from your inventory to the trade. The meter at the top of the screen will tell you how fair the trade is. When you’re done, click the checkmark in the center of the screen. Once both of you approve, your trade will be complete!

You can block trade requests if you like, by checking the «Block Trade» button under «Settings>>/<<Options» in your CyBearZone.


What is a Cub Condo house & how do I get one?

A Cub Condo house is a place for your character and furry friends to call home! Once you’ve brought at least one furry friend to life online, you’ll have access to your Cub Condo house. You can visit it by going to the Neighborhood, or by clicking the house button at the top right of your screen.

You can also choose to visit another character’s Cub Condo house.

Where do my furry friends live?

Your furry friends live in your own Cub Condo house with your online character. Each friend you bring to life online comes with its’ own new room for your Cub Condo house.

In your Cub Condo house and during certain games and animal adventures, your furry friends will be out of their backpack, stretching their paws, walking around with you, and sometimes even dancing. By double clicking on your furry friends when they’re out of your backpack, you can ask them to do cool stuff like have a snack or look out the window.

How do I get from room to room in my Cub Condo house?

You can use the room’s button to see a floor plan. Click on any room in your floor plan to go straight there!

How can I decide who can visit my Cub Condo house?

From the Cub Condo complex menu, you can select Options to select who is allowed to visit your house. You can choose to allow everyone, only friends, or no one to visit.

How can I decorate my Cub Condo house?

You can customize the inside and outside of your Cub Condo house to show off your own pawsonal style!

To add furniture, accessories or flags:

  • – Click on the chair button
  • – Drag the item you would like to add from the furniture menu on the left side of the screen
  • – Click where in your room you want the item to go
  • – To move, rotate or remove an item after placing it in your room, click on it and select from the pop-up menu

Keep in mind that flags can only be hung on the outside of your Cub Condo house.

To change paint or wallpaper:

  • – Click on the paintbrush button
  • – Choose wallpaper by clicking on the paper button and selecting a design
  • – Choose paint color by clicking on the color palette and selecting a color
  • – Apply your paint or wallpaper by clicking on the walls you’d like to change


How can I get free gifts?

There are many ways to get free gifts in our online world!

  • – Sometimes furry friends hanging out in the world have cool gifts you can get just by clicking on them!
  • – The Furtastic Fountain game in Town Square gives you a prize of Bear Bills or something special each day you play.
  • – Special visitors like ChloeRocks sometimes have gifts to share.
  • – Promotions in your local Build-A-Bear Workshop store often come with a virtual gift too!

How do I redeem a code for a free virtual gift?

To get your virtual gift:

  • – Log into your account
  • – Go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop® store and give the associate your web code
  • – Your gift will automatically appear in your «My Stuff»

What’s a virtual party room & how do I get one?

A virtual party room is a special gift you get just for hosting a Build-A-Party® cele-bear-ation at a US, UK or Canadian Build-A-Bear Workshop store! Your party confirmation letter will include a code you can redeem for your new room. Plus, you’ll also get party clothes, a new move and enough party gifts to share with up to 20 online friends!

To redeem your party room:

  • – Log into your™ account
  • – Go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop store
  • – Give the Bear Builder associate your party confirmation number (from your confirmation letter), party date and time
  • – Your party room will automatically appear in your Cub Condo house

As a Stuff Fur Stuff® club member, can I earn free stuff in Bearville?

Yes! Stuff Fur Stuff club members enjoy exclusive virtual Paw Perks® benefits! Members earn 100 Bear Bills* to spend in Bearville for every $1 spent in store and at You must be a Stuff Fur Stuff club member at the time of purchase to be eligible for rewards.

*Bear Bills™ are not lawful tender in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and exist only for exchange in the virtual world of Bearville.

Bear Bills may not be redeemed for cash, merchandise or other consideration.  This is a promotion open only to residents of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and Bear Bills may not be transferred, or copied, and no facsimiles may be made, or presented for payment or redemption.  This promotion may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of Build-A-Bear Retail Management, Inc.

To get your Bear Bills:

  • – Log into your™ account
  • – Go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop® store
  • – Give the Bear Builder associate your Stuff Fur Stuff number and receipt code found on your receipt
  • – Your Bear Bills will automatically appear in your «My Stuff»

To join our Stuff Fur Stuff club, visit a store or go to or call (toll free) 1-877-789-BEAR (2327).
(Available to U.S. and Canada residents only.)


Where can I find Bearville news?

You can always find the latest Bearville news in the Bearville Times! It opens each time you log in to the online world, or you can find it by clicking on the Bearville Times button in your About Me section of your CyBearZone.

What happens if my Bearville screen turns black or freezes?

Wait a couple of seconds to see if the page will load. If it doesn’t, try refreshing your browser by clicking the refresh button or by pushing the F5 key on your keyboard.

What are CyBearGuides?

CyBearGuides are beary special citizens that work for Bearville. Their job is to help other citizens.

Where should I go if I have more questions about

If you have a question or just need a helping paw, email and we will do our beary best to get back to you as soon as possible! You can also look for more FAQs when by clicking on the button with 3 question marks (???) once you are logged into the virtual world.