• YOU could be the Jr. CyBearGuide of the Month! Active Jr. CyBearGuide members can visit the Jr. CyBearGuide Headquarters. Click the Jr. CyBearGuide of the Month icon to enter for a chance to be featured. We will feature 24 pawsome Jr. CyBearGuide members per year –one of them could be you! Please note you must be an active member in order to be featured.

  • Jr. CyBearGuide members are the most knowledgeable Bearville citizens. On top of being recognized as super citizens, Jr. CyBearGuide members also get exclusive, fun gifts and privileges – like their own headquarters where they can meet with other members, read posts on a special forum, play cool games and even get insider info about Bearville!

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  • Jr. CyBearGuide Fun Facts

    What is a Jr. CyBearGuide?

    Jr. CyBearGuide members are pawsome citizens who know all the ins and outs of Bearville and love to help others. You may see Jr. CyBearGuide members around town wearing their exclusiveblue star hat.


    What does a Jr. CyBearGuide do?

    Jr. CyBearGuide members are a beary important part of Bearville. They help new citizens, answer questions and even give tours!


    How can I become a Jr. CyBearGuide?

    If you have been a pawsome Bearville citizen, have a furry friend registered to your account and you’ve played at least 12 of the past 30 days, then you have a chance to become a Jr. CyBearGuide!  Visit the classroom in Bear University to take the test and show that you know your Bearville stuff!