• Valentines

    February 06, 2012

    Hello there!

    Since Valentine’s Day is only about a week away I started working on my Valentines for class. I am making mine instead of buying them. They aren’t hard to make and I already have so much craft stuff that I might as well use.

    My mom helped me find a really cool idea online. She is helping me make heart shaped crayons. You unwrap a bunch of your old crayons, the ones that are already broken are perfect. With an adult’s help, chop them up into little pieces, mix up the colors and put them into a soft silicon baking tray, like one for muffins. I found one that was shaped like little hearts. Put them in the oven at 230 degrees for 15 minutes and let them cool. Then you can just pop them out and they are beautiful heart-shaped crayons!

    Have fun!