• Snow Day

    January 18, 2012


    We finally got a snow day today! And it snowed  A LOT! So I wonder if we’ll even have school tomorrow. I haven’t gone outside yet because it’s still dark. But when my alarm woke me up and I saw that it was all white outside, I ran downstairs to check the news, and sure enough, NO SCHOOL! Man, since I already did my homework now I get to work on my buddy’s birthday present!

    My friend’s birthday is right around Valentine’s Day, which is February 14, so she is having a pink birthday party. She said that just means that EVERYTHING is pink: the cupcakes, the icing, the plates, the napkins, her outfit, the decorations, her dog’s outfit, and on and on… My gift is going to be totally pink so it fits in. I’m gonna make her one of those cool fleece blankets, the ones you make that have knots all around the edges that you don’t have to sew.

    Yup, perfect. Plus, it’s still cold in February here, and everyone could always use a cozy blanket, right?

    Talk to ya later!