• First Family Night

    January 16, 2012

    Happy Monday!

    Remember when I said my New Year’s resolution was to start a family night? Well I planned the very first one for this week and it’s going to be PAWsome! I’ve got my menu ready to go and I’m outthinking about which game to play.

    It’s not easy to pick a game that everyone likes. Since everyone in my family is good at something different, maybe we won’t play a game this time. Maybe we’ll make a dessert together and watch a movie instead. But wait, what if it’s really pretty outside? Then maybe we should go on a walk to the park after dinner. Oh, I don’t know! I have to talk to my brother; I know he’ll want to pitch in. Since I did the food part, he can figure out what activity we should do. It’s good to have the family help with family night, right?

    Have you thought about what kind of family night you would plan for your family? It doesn’t have to be anything special, just something you do together.

    Talk to you later!