• Happy New Year!

    January 02, 2012

    Welcome to 2012 everyone!

    I don’t have to go back to school until Wednesday, so I’m helping mom clean the house today. We had a New Year’s Eve celebration and I had a couple of my friends over to spend the night. She let us all sleep in yesterday but today we have to clean. That’s okay though. I made a New Year’s resolution to start keeping my room clean all the time. Sounds like a big job, but if I just pick things up every day then it should be easy.

    What kind of New Year’s resolutions did you make? Some people make resolutions to eat healthier; some people’s resolutions are to keep in touch with family more often. Other than cleaning my room, I want to start having a weekly family night where my family eats dinner together and plays a game. Since everything gets so busy these days it will be nice to just have one day when my family can come together to hang out and relax with each other.

    I hope you have a great start to 2012!

    Talk to you later!