• Babysitting 101

    November 14, 2011

    Hey guys,

    So, my first babysitting class was today after school. I learned how to do CPR on an adult and on a baby. I also learned how to take care of little cuts. Plus, I got a binder with all kinds of great information in it, like the phone number to Poison Control, which is what you call in case someone has swallowed chemicals or got something in their eye.

    I’m so surprised by how much there is to know before you can babysit! I mean, I thought you could just go over to someone’s house and play with their kids. But you really have to be in charge!

    I’ll feel so much better when I start babysitting with all of this information. I’m so glad my mom is making me do it first.

    Have fun doing whatever you’re planning to do this weekend!