• Domino Effect

    July 27, 2011

    That’s right, dominoes are awesome. My grandma used to play them with me all the time. This weekend I played them with my friends for the first time in forever and remembered how fun they are. I’m not talking about lining them up on their ends and making them fall, even though that’s really fun, too! I’m talking about the real dominoes game, where each player gets 8 dominoes and you have to match up the dots on the ends to get rid of them. And as you play the lines get bigger and bigger and bigger and sometimes, they even run off the table if you have some really good players!

    Cheap dominoes can be cool crafts too. You can make a whole set of super cute desk accessories by using super glue to attach dominoes to the outside of tin cans to make pencil holders, or attach them to the outside of boxes to make a holder for all your tiny school supplies, like paper clips or erasers. I’m tellin’ ya, if you’ve got someone to make a gift for, dominoes never fail to make people smile!

    Check ya later!




  • Smurfified!

    July 25, 2011

    Have you seen the new Smurfs at Build-A-Bear Workshop®? They are so cute! Obviously Smurfette is my favorite because she is just so sweet. But I think my next favorite is Brainy because of those adorable glasses. Plus, he really does seem to be brainy. He knows how to do a lot of stuff, and I think that’s cool.

    Also, if you hang around long enough in Bearville™, you can see one of the Blue-outs! A blue out is like a black out but instead of dark, everything turns blue! I’ve only seen it once so far, but it is totally awesome. It’s like looking through blue glasses at everything!

    Check it out in Bearville, and if you see me around be sure to come say hi! I love meeting new people!




  • Zip it good!

    July 20, 2011

    Guest what! I've got stylin’ new T-shirt! I made the zipper T-shirt that Dana showed us how to make in last week’s episode of Craftshop on Bearville™! It’s super easy and you know what I love most? It goes with jeans and pearls. Every girl needs one of these to get through the summer.

    So, since Parents’ Day is coming up and my family has never celebrated it before, we have decided to go on a bike ride together. It’s kind of a newer U.S. holiday celebrating parents for all they do for us! I think the best way to celebrate this kind of holiday is by spending time together. Because when you do that you will always have those memories… And everyone knows that memories last longer than STUFF!

    Go make your zipper tee and rock it this weekend! I’ll talk to you on Monday!




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