• Secret Codes

    October 03, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    Today at school we are going to work on secret codes! Secret codes are a kind of language you can use to communicate with other people, a language that is special and hard to figure out, but one that you can teach someone. It’s kind of complicated. So think about it like this…

    Morse code was a language made by making beeps with one button, like one on your telephone. Today, in 1906, “SOS” was introduced. It’s a warning signal they made for Morse code so that you could tell people someone was in trouble. It was basically the first 9-1-1 number. So when people heard that in 1906, they knew something or someone was in trouble.

    Have you ever come up with your own language with your friends? It’s fun! Give it a try!

    GD LK! (He he, that’s “good luck” without the vowels. It’s hard coming up with a new language!)