• Cool School!

    August 17, 2011

    Hey guys,

    Today was my first day of the school year and my new teachers are all really cool, but I think my favorite class is going to be English. We have a ton of cool books on our reading list this year! One of the ones I’m excited about we’ll start in a few weeks. It’s about a girl who helps her family and friends through a natural disaster that hits her home town. I think it’s going to be really inspiring, like one of those books that will make me want to go out and do good things for other people. Everything’s off to a great start!

    Plus, I got to wear my new jean skirt! I paired it with my pink zipper tee, that I made a few weeks ago, and it was super cute.  It definitely made my day more fabulous to feel so great! Talk to ya later!




  • Fun stuff galore!

    August 15, 2011

    Hey everybody,

    My friend Bearemy® has a big birthday coming up on Sunday! There is going to be lots of fun stuff going on in the stores this weekend to celebrate, so be sure to stop by and ask them about Bearemy’s birthday celebrations.

    And guess what! We have an awesome chance for you to win a bear every month for a whole year! You have to enter the Be A Virtual Designer Contest at buildabearville.com™. You can enter your design, and all the directions on how to do it are on the website. Plus, the winner will get their outfit as one of the outfit options in Bearville, which means you could see other online characters wearing your design someday!

    Good luck and hurry, it ends on the 18th of August!