• Hip Chain Necklace

    September 12, 2011

    Hey everybody,

    So I watched a Craftshop episode from June and found an awesome one for a chain and ribbon necklace. See mine! You can just get chain from your local hardware store. They’ll cut it for you, and you can just use ribbon that you already have, or pieces of fabric, or get some ribbon from the discount section of your favorite craft store. Then you just weave the ribbon through the chain and tie a knot at the end, it’s SO easy!

    You know I love giving my friends stuff I make, so I made two more because my BFF’s birthday is next week. She loves accessories almost as much as I do! I know she’ll love them.

    Be sure to watch the Hardware Necklace Craftshop episode to learn how to make yours. You can find it in the Videos section of buildabearville.com™.

    Talk to ya later!