• New accessory!

    October 10, 2011

    Hey everybody,

    Yo! That girl Maddie, you know, the one in my class that I told you about last week who was really shy? She is totally awesome. We ditched the grown-ups and made crafts in my room all night. It was so fun.

    She brought some super balls and stockings to my house and we made these super cute super ball necklaces! See mine? You can make them with all different colors!

    All you have to do is tie knots on either end of each ball to keep it in place. Then, if you do two rows of balls like I did, just tie the stockings together in knots where the rows end. Once you’re done you’ve got yourself a totally boss, unique piece of jewelry that everyone will love.

    Plus, it goes with practically every outfit.

    Bye guys!