• Memorial Day

    May 30, 2011

    Hi guys,

    Since its Memorial Day, I’m headed off to the pool! I’m bringing my new beach bag that I got last week from Build-A-Bear Workshop. I’ve got it packed with a towel, water, a book, a giant sun hat and, of course, tons of sunscreen.

    I think when I come home we’re going to have barbecue for dinner so I’ll have to help my mom with that. My favorite is barbecued ribs, but I also like good, old fashioned hot dogs. What’s your favorite food to barbecue?

    Gotta go! It’s getting hot outside!

    Talk to ya soon!




  • Worms & dirt…mmm, delicious!

    May 25, 2011

    Hey guys!

    So I’m going to my friend’s sleepover on Friday and I can’t wait because it seems like forever since we got to do this. I think there’s going to be five of us there and we all agreed to bring a fun activity. So, I’ve decided to bring a sweet spring snack for us to make!

    It’s called Worms and Dirt. I know what you’re thinking…gross! But, it’s delicious! First, you need chocolate pudding, chocolate sandwich cookies and gummy worms. Then, you need a clear glass or a plastic cup. To make the delicious dessert, smash up a bunch of sandwich cookies and layer the pudding with the cookie crumbs in the cup.Then once you get close to the top, you put a couple gummy worms in it and voila! You’ve got yourself worms and dirt that you can eat!  It’s a pretty scrumptious snack that I think everyone will like.

    Talk to ya later!




  • New Furry Friends!

    May 23, 2011

    Hey guys!

    They’re here! They’re here! The new Cool Cats & Hot Dogs Collection arrived at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Dogs are my favorite animal of all time and now there’s a whole collection to choose from. There is this one dog called Relish, who’s a dachshund (pronounced DOX-UND), of course, and they have this cute little hot dog outfit for him! Plus, as an added bonus, you can get a sweet beach bag when you spend $25 or more, but only while supplies last. I got mine this weekend! It’s perfect for basketball and volleyball practice, even summer camp, when it finally starts in a few weeks!

    Speaking of summer camp, are you excited that Camp Happy Heart is going to be back again this year!? There are going to be tons of new and fun things going on. Plus, I heard the brand new Dairy Queen Blizzard Bears are going to be the camp counselors. We’re totally going to have a blast with them in charge. Hmm… I wonder what team I’ll be on this year.

    Camp Happy Heart doesn’t officially start until July, but you can pre-register and get a jump on earning points for your team starting June 17. I’ve still got some time to perfect my basketball skills. I mean, you know, ‘cause you never know when you’ll need to win a slam dunk contest for your team!

    See ya ‘round!