• Arbor Day is almost here!

    April 24, 2013

    Hi guys,

    Arbor Day is on Friday, and I know you’re just as excited about it as I am! To celebrate Arbor Day, most people will plant a tree, or they will get together with a group of friends and plant a bunch of trees in their local park. Just remember that if you want to plant things in a park you will need your parent’s help to get permission from City Hall.

    If you want to plant a tree in your yard, talk to your parents or an adult you live with about what kind of tree you want to plant. Things to think about are how big it might grow, because you won’t want to plant it too close to another tree or a house if it is going to be really big when it grows up. Also, while you’re figuring out which tree to plant, ask yourself if you want it to give you shade or for flowers or for fall colors to add some pizazz to your yard in the fall? Then, do some research about the lifecycle of the tree so you know what will happen to it year round. The lifecycle of a tree means what happens to it each season. Some trees are green all year long, like pine trees, and some trees can be a little bit messy, like walnut trees or some oak trees, so it’s good to talk to someone at a tree farm or nursery about what you are looking for.

    And remember that not all trees are tall and leafy! Some of the coolest trees are actually called shrubs, they are short and wide and have really cool branches and stuff. I like walking stick shrubs, which have really windy, scraggly branches. This is a picture of one after an ice storm, so the branches are all covered in a layer of clear ice, cool right?

    And here is a picture of a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree. See how its branches droop down? It’s also a smaller type of tree. This one even has little fuzzy buds on it because it’s spring!

    Anyway, have fun figuring out which tree you want to plant!

    Good luck!




  • Tree Time

    April 17, 2013

    Hello, friends,

    Since this is Earth Month, I’ve been learning a lot of cool stuff about trees in school. We are getting ready for Arbor Day, which is April 26, and we are all going to get a tree to bring home from school on that day. The main way people usually celebrate Arbor Day around the world is to plant or take care of trees. Trees are muy importante to our wellbeing. Do you know all the cool stuff they do for us?

    Of course trees provide shade on hot sunny days, we all know that. But they also turn our carbon dioxide, the stuff we breathe out, into oxygen for us to breathe in. Plus, their leaves release water vapor which helps to cool our neighborhoods. Trees are also houses for birds and squirrels and owls and lots of good bugs. Wildlife has a hard time finding places to live in neighborhoods without a lot of trees. There are so many amazing things trees can do. Plus, who doesn’t like sitting under a tree reading a book, right? It is so relaxing!

    I think a lot of people don’t know all the reasons trees are good for us. You can help spread the word by talking to your friends about them. Who knows, maybe you’ll get them excited to plant their very own trees!

    Have fun!




  • The Three Rs

    April 10, 2013

    What’s up, my lovely green friends?

    I’ve got some great ideas for you on how to use the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

    You can reduce the amount of electricity you use every day by making sure you unplug all of your electronic things before you leave for school. You may not know it, but even when things like phone chargers are not being used, as long as they are plugged into the wall they are still sucking up energy. Another super easy thing you can do is to make sure you turn off the lights whenever you leave a room. If you’re not in there, why do you need them on?

    You know me, I love to reuse things. One of the coolest things I’ve found recently to reuse is toilet paper rolls. Have your family, and maybe some friends, start saving the cardboard rolls for you and before you know it, you’ll have enough to make beautiful wall art, like this! With some help from an adult, just smash the rolls, cut them into pieces and glue the sides and ends together. You can make whatever design you choose!

    Lots of schools and companies recycle these days. You might even have a recycling bin at your own house that your family uses. If not, ask for help from an adult to find out where the nearest recycling center is and ask your family to start recycling paper, plastic, aluminum and steel cans so you can take it to the recycling center. By recycling these items we can get more than one use out of them. In fact, people have found some pretty cool ways to recycle by turning old milk cartons into playground equipment. But my favorite has to be the purses I’ve seen made from old candy wrappers. Pawsome, eh?

    Stay green!




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