• New Year’s plans

    December 12, 2012

    Hey everyone,

    You know, I’ve never been very good at keeping New Year’s resolutions; those things that we promise to do in the New Year. But next year I think I will because I’m going to pick something I know I can do every week. I’m going to vow to spend a few minutes writing in a journal at least once a week. I don’t have to write down tons of details every single time, I just have to at least write a little note about my day or the week before.

    The best part will be looking back on what I was doing and thinking when I’m older and in college or something. It will kind of be like my time capsule! Except it will just be basically letters to myself.

    Have you thought about what your New Year’s resolution will be?

    Peace out!




  • DIY Wrapping Paper

    December 10, 2012

    Hi there!

    The Festival of Lights is underway! Hanukkah started Saturday night and because part of the Hanukkah tradition involves giving presents, I wanted to tell you about a cool and easy craft you can do. You basically use or recycle (and you know how much I love recycling and reusing things) a paper grocery bag to make pawsome paper you can personalize and use for wrapping your gifts for Hanukkah!

    You can cut open the bag so it lays flat on a table (that you’ve covered so you don’t get it dirty.) Then use cookie cutters dipped in paint to stamp your own paper!  I’ve made stencils before from sponges and even potatoes! My dad helped me cut the potatoes though, because you need a sharp craft knife for those, but with potato stencils you can draw fancier designs than you can make with sponge stencils. Maybe I’ll tell you about how to make those another time!

    Catch ya later!




  • Festival of Lights

    December 05, 2012

    Hello, readers!

    Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, starts this weekend! It actually starts on Saturday evening at sundown, when one of eight candles on a menorah is lit. It is usually celebrated by eating fried potato pancakes called Latkes or fried doughnuts, playing the dreidel and giving gelt, or gifts of money, to kids to help encourage them to give to others.

    Speaking of giving to others, which is really important especially now because it’s a giving time of year, my coat drive at school is going great. I had a teacher help me and he really made sure to get the word out. We are still collecting but we’ve already made two trips with more than 25 coats to a local shelter. It feels so good to give back!

    What will you give back this year to help someone in need?

    Keep on givin’!