• My own fishing pole

    June 27, 2012

    Hey everyone,

    When I told my parents I wanted to buy a new fishing pole, they said I had to save up for it. I’ve always saved up for the big things I want to buy, but I want to get this soon so I can use it this summer, before I have to go back to school!

    Luckily, my dad said that if I start cutting the grass, he will give me extra allowance. That means that if I cut the grass for two weeks I’ll have enough to buy the one I want. It’s shiny and red, and it comes with a cute little tackle box! Tackle boxes keep your hooks, plastic bait, bobbers and stuff for when you go fishing. It’s like a jewelry box for your fishing stuff.

    I can’t wait! I’ll have to find some friends to go with, because as much as I wanna go, my dad will probably get sick of me. Haha, just kidding!

    Talk to ya later!




  • Gone fishin'!

    June 25, 2012

    Guess what!

    I caught my own dinner yesterday! Yup, I went fishin’ with my uncle and we caught 9 fish! They were all about a foot long, so we brought them back for dinner. Catching fish, very fun. Cleaning fish, not so fun. In fact, I was totally grossed out by all the guts and stuff, so my uncle did it all for me.

    But the family was very impressed and my mom cooked them so tasty for dinner! It’s cool how fast fresh fish cook. They were probably only in the pan for a couple of minutes each. We sprinkled some bread crumbs on them and salt and pepper and that’s it. They don’t need much when they’re that fresh!

    If you ever get the chance to go fishing for your own dinner, you have to do it. It’s awesome.

    Check ya later!




  • How does your garden grow?

    June 20, 2012

    Hey guys,

    Did you grow a garden this year? Or did you help out your parents with their garden? I’ve been helping my dad with his garden and we’ve already got some cute little tomatoes! I can’t wait to eat them. We usually have squirrel problems, which means those rascals sometimes get to eat the tomatoes before we do. I’m gonna keep a close eye on them though and I’ll warn my dog that he needs to help me keep them out of our garden. That should definitely help!

     See that row of green beans right there? I only planted those like three weeks ago! On the back of the seed pack it said I should be able to harvest them, which means eat them, in about 45 days. I’ve been making sure to water them and to pull all the little weeds, too.

    But the best part about having your own garden is getting to eat your own vegetables. They just taste so much better and so fresh!