• Arbor Day is for trees!

    April 25, 2012

    What’s up?

    If you answered trees, then you’re right on the money! I’m talking about trees today because Friday is a beary important day. It’s Arbor Day. Arbor Day started in Nebraska City, Nebraska more than 100 years ago. On that first Arbor Day, almost 1 million trees were planted!

    The cool thing about Arbor Day is that it’s meant to be a special day for people to plant and care for trees in their communities. Because trees are so important and always give so much to us, it’s good to repay them. Trees give us oxygen to breath and shade to take naps in. Their roots also spread into the ground and keep dirt from washing away when it rains really hard. Birds make nests in their branches where they raise their babies, and other animals sometimes live in tree trunks. Trees are so awesome. I’m so glad we have a day just for them.

    Have a great weekend and don’t forget to plant a tree!




  • Sock puppets!

    April 23, 2012

    Hello there!

    I'm always looking for awesome crafts to do with my friends, and I finally found one that I thought you'd like to do with your friends, too! This is a really fun craft that you can do with items you usually have around the house. You’ll need: a sock that has no match, craft glue, felt, yarn, buttons, googly eyes, puff paint, beads. All of these things are optional, and if you keep reading you’ll see why.

    1.       Protect your work surface and make sure you have an adult’s supervision if you’re going to be using sharp scissors.

    2.       Pick out two googly eyes, buttons or beads for the eyes of your sock puppet. Glue them on top of your sock, like the picture below. Remember: the more creative items you choose for your puppet, the better looking your puppet will be. I picked googly eyes for mine.

    1.       Pick out a button or a big bead that you want to use as a nose and glue it underneath the eyes. I picked a button for my puppet’s nose.

    2.       Then you can get really creative. Think about all the things that can be on a human head, like ears, hair (long or short), a beard, a mustache, earrings on the ears, etc. Then, use your noggin and finish off the head of your puppet. I picked yarn to make a little bit of hair and I found some leftover felt to make ears. I made a mustache with felt of a different color because I wanted it to stand out.  Mustaches are so funny!


    3.       Once the glue is dry and you’ve completed the top part of your puppet, you can flip it over and make a mouth with fabric paint. I used red puff paint.

    I might add a big pink tongue later, like one that hangs out of its mouth even when it’s closed. Some dogs’ tongues do that and it’s funny looking so I might want to make my puppet look like that.

    4.       Then when everything is dry you can make another one if you want! You can make all kinds of sock puppets with different looks and personalities.

    It would be fun to invite your friends over so you could all do a puppet show! When I do this I’m just going to pop out behind our couch so people can only see the puppet. Hmm… now I have to name my puppet. I know, I’ll name him Mister. Lots of funny puppet show scripts can include a Mister!

    Have fun!




  • Here comes Earth Day!

    April 18, 2012

    Hey guys,

    It’s right around the corner. That day that reminds us of all the easy things we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle is so close! Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22. Think about all of the things you throw away each day that could be reused, like plastic water bottles. Did you know you can reuse those? You can either fill them with water again, or you can find a craft to use them. Or those things that you can use less of, like water. Just by turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth you can save water. You can also recycle a lot of the things you use every day, which gives them new life because they can be turned into other things. Recycling paper at school or at home can help companies create bags and boxes from recycled paper. That’s a great thing because it means we’re using something more than one time before throwing it away.

    Think about your typical day and all of the things you use. Can you think of some things you use or work with that could be reduced, reused or recycled?

    Have a great day!




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