• G'day mate!

    August 29, 2011

    Hey everybody,

    I just got assigned this HUGE project in class called a country project. Everyone in my class picked a country to make an hour-long presentation and we have three months to get it done. I picked Australia! As you know, I’m an animal lover, and I’ve always been interested in learning more about kangaroos and koalas. Did you know kangaroos and koalas are both in the marsupial family? They both have pouches where they carry their cute little babies! Another cool fact: Australia is also the 6th largest country in the world! It only took me a few minutes to find out this stuff. Imagine how much I’ll know in three months!

    Gotta go study!

    Talk to ya later!




  • Sounds of music

    August 24, 2011

    Hey guys,

    So, a while back I talked about the band. I was trying to figure out what instrument I wanted to play. And I think I’ve got it: I’ll play the trumpet. I’ve heard it’s hard, but practice makes perfect, so I’m not worried about that. Plus, I’ve played the piano for a while now, so not only can I read music, I know what it takes to sound good.

    I also like the trumpet because it’s so versatile (that’s a vocab word from last week), which means it can be used in lots of different ways in lots of different kinds of music. I can be in regular band, and I can also be in jazz band when I get even better. Plus, some rock bands even have trumpets in them. So I can do whatever I want if I play the trumpet!

    Talk to you soon!




  • Make it yourself!

    August 22, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Craftshop episode on Bearville™! DIY expert Dana, who loves her furry friends just as much as I do, is going to show us how to make custom T-shirts for ourselves AND our furry friends. They can even be matching Tees! How cool is that?

    Plus, I’m working on figuring out some fall crafts that I can do with my group in school. We are learning about the early 1800’s in America. So, maybe soap? They had to make a lot of their own things back then. Isn’t it hard to imagine not being able to go to the store for a bar of soap?!

    Perfecto! Now I just gotta go call my friends and see what they think.

    Hope the rest of your day rocks!