• Celebrate Dad!

    June 15, 2011

    I’ve got a ton of things I wanna do for Dad this weekend! Sunday is Father’s Day, of course, and I’m still working on my gift. I’m making him a bunch of coupons he can use whenever he wants extra help around the house. Isn’t that a cool idea? I’ve taken some notecards that I used for school projects and presentations, and painted them in all different bright colors. And I’m going to cut out letters and words from magazines, the big ones from the titles of stories and stuff, and glue them on the notecards. So they’ll say things like GOOD FOR ONE WEEKNIGHT DINNER or ONE DAY OF HOUSE CLEANING.

    Honestly, I think that’s the best kind of gift. It’s something I made myself that he’ll really be able to use! Well, I’ve got to help with dinner before I can finish Dad’s present.

    Gotta go!