• Spring is in BLOOM…in my ROOM!

    May 09, 2011

    Hey everyone,

    My room is blooming with flowers and fashion! I made the tissue paper flowers that Dana showed us how to make on last week’s Craftshop and my room is SO springy! I love it! I added some flare to them and made them different colors for a super-bright effect. If you’re wondering how I made them like that, instead of just using a round cup like Dana did in the Craftshop episode, I added triangles to the outside edge to give my flowers more shape. They totally brighten my day when I see them in the morning. Have you made any yet?

    I’m also totally excited to bust out my spring wardrobe. Dressing in bright colors is so “in” right now. It’s so nice to pull out all of my fav spring threads!  

    Well, I’ve got some folding to do (of winter clothes, that is) so we’ll have to chat later!

    Peace out!




  • Mother's Day

    May 04, 2011

    Hey guys,

    Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I thought I’d tell you a story about my awesome mom and why I love her so much.

    Ever since I was little my mom has put little notes inside my lunches. They aren’t always long, sometimes they are just a tiny piece of paper with a heart and “mom” written on them, but they always make me feel good when I see them. One day I asked her why she always wrote me notes, because most other kids don’t get notes, at least not as much as I do. And she said, “You know Chloe, I just always want to make sure you know I’m thinking about you and what a wonderful daughter you are and how proud I am of you. That’s just my way of adding a little something special into your day since just knowing you’re my daughter makes my day special.”

    After that, I started putting notes in HER lunch whenever I remembered. Just cause I wanted her to see them during the day and smile. It’s kind of a fun thing we do with each other and it’s like our own special way of saying ‘I love you’ to each other. We also went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and each made a bear and recorded a sound for each other so when we are far away we can still hear each other’s voices. It’s probably my favorite bear in the world.

    Don’t forget to do something special for your mom this Sunday. And remember, it doesn’t have to be anything big, or expensive, just a little something to let her know she’s special.

    Talk to you later!




  • Happy Teacher's Day

    May 02, 2011

    Hi everybody,

    Since tomorrow is National Teachers Day I’m trying to put together something really special for my favorite teacher. I made a card with lots of colors and I made my own coupons to go inside. The coupons are for things that I would help her with around the classroom, like one of them says, “good for one day of passing out handouts,” or “good for two times of collecting homework in the morning.” I just tried to think of little stuff that I could do to help make her day easier. And, best of all, coupons are free to make! I just use notecards and markers and make them as colorful as possible. You can even put expiration dates on them too. I just love making homemade gifts!

    We’re also celebrating Teachers’ Day in Bearville with a FREE gift!  So stop by the Classroom in Bear University and have a seat in the teacher’s chair to grab yours!

    Don’t forget to thank your teacher tomorrow!