• Christmas Eve

    December 24, 2012

    Hi everyone!

    Santa comes tonight! And I know for sure that I’m on the nice list, so I hope I get what I asked for. I mean, I don’t think I’ll get everything, but that’s okay, because I don’t need it all. My family will be having Christmas here at my house and then we get in the car and drive to my grandma and grandpa’s house a couple of hours away. That is where we will eat my mom’s famous Christmas bread and have more Christmas with my cousins. There are ten of us kids all together, so it’s kind of crazy, but really fun. Especially if it snows because we have the most awesome snowball fights. I really hope it does snow because I want to make an igloo like my dad helped me make last year!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!




  • Turn, turn, turn

    December 19, 2012

    Hi guys,

    I’ve finally dug out my mittens from the back of my closet this morning because there was frost on our grass! It’s getting cold, here! But that makes sense. The first day of winter where I live is on Saturday, December 22. Well, that’s the first day of winter for the whole northern half of the world, actually. Okay, so, since this can get a little complicated I’ll give you a little lesson, thanks to my awesome teacher this year!

    We all know the sun keeps us warm, right? So when the top half of the earth starts tilting away from the Sun on December 22, the top half gets colder and colder and we call it winter. During the summer, the northern part of the earth is tilted toward the sun, which makes the days longer and the air warmer where I live. The further you get away from the equator, the more you can tell the difference.  .

    So even though it’s cold where I live because I’m tilting away from the sun, it’s warm where people live in the southern hemisphere because it is doing the opposite that we are, it’s tilting toward the sun right now instead of away. If the first day of winter for the Northern Hemisphere is on December 22, what season begins that day in the southern hemisphere?

    Summer time!

    Stay warm, everybody!




  • Canadian goose

    December 17, 2012

    Hi readers,

    Ok, I got some answers for ya. For starters, don’t ever call them a Canadian goose, that’s just not their name. Their official name is Canada Geese or if there is one of them, it’s a Canada Goose. Yep. And I also found out that they are native to North America, which means Canada and the United States are where they came from. Some Canada Geese have also reached Europe and parts of China and Japan! That’s a long flight!

    I just like all kinds of birds though, don’t you? I think about how cool it would be to fly or to soar and just be able to hang out in the sky like a bird. Plus, have you ever seen baby geese? I mean, baby birds are pretty cute, but baby ducks and geese are just so adorable! They’re super fuzzy and fluffy looking and they walk in a line behind their moms.

    So cute!