• Taken away

    September 05, 2012

    Hi guys,

    Well, I kept playing with my lion smallfrys that I got over the weekend at Build-A-Bear Workshop, so my teacher took it away. I’ll get it back at the end of the week to take home, but just a warning: don’t play with your furry friends at your desk if you’re supposed to be taking a test!

    But anyway, I still like my teacher because he is a good listener. Plus, he doesn’t yell. Usually if we’re talking (and I’ll tell you more about that next time) he just stops the lesson and stares at us to make us realize what we’re doing. Usually we stop. Sometimes people don’t though, which is really annoying! Please, people, don’t talk when the teacher is trying to teach you something. It might be fun for you, but it’s just really distracting to the rest of us because I can’t hear the teacher and plus, he keeps having to stop the lesson to ask you to stop talking so I totally lose what was in my head. I’m sure you understand what it’s like to try to pay attention to something and someone else keeps interrupting. My teacher is nice, but people will still get in trouble for not following the rules, which is a good thing for all of us!

    Keep on studying, people!

    Check ya later!


    P.S. Grandparent’s Day is on Sunday, Sept. 9, so don’t furget to give them a big bear hug, or call them if they live far away!



  • Zoo Time!

    September 03, 2012

    Dudes! Today is the last day everyone can visit the Bearville™ Zoo! Even players without special passes can get in, but today is the last day you can do that. The Zoo has tons of cool, cute and cuddly animals. You’re bound to be able to visit with your favorite! What’s your favorite animal? Can you guess mine? It has a long neck. Haha.

    Here’s a riddle about it: What has a long neck, travels with babies and usually has two main colors? I know you’re thinking it’s a goose. But nope! It’s a giraffe! I also really like buffalo, or bison, both are basically the same thing, so don’t let any adults try to trick you; I looked it up. Buffalo are just so funny looking, and so are giraffes. Buffalo have super strong skulls to fight over territory and they butt heads. It’s so cool!

    Have fun at the zoo! I wanna hear all about it!

    See ya…or something else, good luck doesn’t seem appropriate




  • Furry friend Friday

    August 29, 2012

    What’s up, people?

    I’m so excited because new smallfrys and a new WWF animal will be in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores on Friday! There will be a new WWF Amur Leopard in stores in the US and Canada, and there will be a donation made to the World Wildlife Fund to help real animals in the wild whenever someone buys it! Plus, there will be three WWF smallfrys that are totally adorable and I really want one of those. As you know, I’m a big smallfrys lover because they are so perfect for transporting around but still totally huggable. There will be a WWF Lion, WWF Wolf and WWF Cheetah. Can you even imagine how cute that little lion is?

    I wonder if my teacher would let me bring one to hang out at my desk at school. It’s probably good if I talk to him before I bring it in. We aren’t supposed to have anything on our desks except for the books and papers that we are actually working on because he says it can be too distracting. But maybe he would even let a cute little lion smallfry hang out at his desk while we worked. Now that would be adorable!

    Check ya later!