• 2012 Class of Huggable Heroes®

    July 09, 2012

    Guess what!

    Have you heard of the Huggable Heroes program? Every year, Build-A-Bear Workshop honors 10 kids from the United States and Canada that are doing amazing things for their communities! This year, there are FIFTEEN Huggable Heroes! They are super incredible kids and the 2012 Class of Huggable Heroes is no different.

    Altogether, this year’s class has raised almost $1.4 million for our worldwide community! They have provided shoes for the homeless, they have recycled eye glasses, they have made cupcakes to raise funds to assist children with cancer! There are so many more things they’ve done to help. They really are amazing!

    All of this help starts with something small. Think of one small thing you can do to help someone you know! It will make their day!

    Check ya later!




  • Happy Independence Day

    July 04, 2012

    Hello there!

    It’s Independence Day! Today, in the United States, we celebrate the day that we officially became our own country in 1776. Most people call it the Fourth of July. We celebrate with parades and family and food and fireworks! There are also a lot of carnivals around the country. That’s what I’m excited about. My parents already said I could go with my neighbor’s family. Since my parents don’t really like carnival rides (well, my dad does, but he wants to make sure to watch fireworks with my mom) they said I could use my allowance to go to the carnival tonight.

    I think I’m most looking forward to the swings! I love all of the topsy turvy rides and the fast spinning kinds of rides, but the swings are my favorite because they make you feel like you’re flying! You swing so high and you feel so free, it’s so relaxing.

    If you are celebrating today, stay safe and have fun!




  • Campfire fun!

    July 02, 2012

    What’s up, friends?


    My family is going camping tomorrow! We are going to celebrate Independence Day with my uncle and his family. (Yep, same uncle who took me fishing for dinner! Check my Gone Fishin’ entry on June 25 to read about it. It was pawsome.) Any who, the thing I look forward to most when I go camping, other than watching for falling stars, duh, is s’mores! Have you ever made a s’more?

    I make the best ones. Wanna know how? Take two marshmallows, the big ones, and put them on a stick or skewer, but be careful because the skewers are very sharp! Find a good spot to gently toast them over the campfire, making sure to twirl the skewer so they get evenly brown and bubbly all the way around the marshmallows. Then, break a graham cracker in half. Put two chocolate squares on the bottom half and use the second half to help sandwich the marshmallows, pulling the skewer out of the marshmallows as you squeeze them down onto the chocolate and make a sandwich!

    Enjoy! It gets messy and sticky and is amazing! (And please, please be careful when you’re around the campfire! That is definitely not something you should do without an adult.)

    Peace out!