• Easter is here!

    April 04, 2012

    I’ve got a fun one for you today!

    Lots of people celebrate Easter in different ways, but one of the things almost everyone knows about is coloring Easter eggs. Here is a beautiful Easter craft that you can use to create family keepsakes for years to come. Just make sure you have an adult around to help out, since eating raw eggs can make you sick.

    How to make blown out eggs to decorate:

    1.       Using a thumbtack, poke a hole in both ends of a raw egg. You’ll be blowing the contents through one of the ends of the egg, so make sure the hole is at least a few millimeters in diameter so that everything can fit through when you’re blowing.

    2.       Over the sink, gently hold the egg and blow through one of the ends of the egg. It will take some serious lung-power! Just be sure to keep gently holding the egg so that it doesn’t break, because if it does then you’ll have to start all over.

    3.       Once the insides are out, rinse the inside of the hollow shell with water from the faucet and blow out all remaining water. You may have to put water in, shake it and repeat a couple of times to make sure it's good and clean.

    4.       To dry the hollow eggs, just keep them in a safe spot on a paper towel for about a day. Once the insides have dried you can decorate the hollow eggs in tons of cool ways. Here are some ideas: Paint them with acrylic paint, apply pieces of tissue paper and decoupage them onto the outside of the egg, use puff-paint to make cool eggs with texture, cut out flowery designs from magazines and make a flower theme with decoupage, add some glitter glue to create bling, etc.

    5.       To display them, get little cupcake liners and glue them together. Then place the decorated eggs into the cupcake liner. They make the perfect little holders for such a delicate craft!

    Another great tip is to keep your empty egg cartons to store the eggs in after Easter. This will help make sure everyone in your family knows that they are very fragile!

    Have a Happy Easter everyone!




  • How-to make French toast

    April 02, 2012

    Hi guys!

    Since spring always makes me think of fresh and yummy breakfasts, I want to share my recipe for French toast. Here is how I make it awesome.

    1.       Get an adult to help you. Use a bowl with a wider bottom so it’s easier to dip the bread in. With a fork, whisk together 2 eggs, ¼ cup milk, and 1  teaspoon cinnamon.

    2.       Spray a skillet with a non-stick cooking spray and make sure it’s medium-hot. Using tongs, dip the bread into the mixture. Flip it over to cover both sides.

    3.       Using the tongs, pick up the bread and place it on the medium-hot skillet. Let it cook for about a minute before lifting up a corner to check on it. It should be golden brown or spotted with brown. Once it looks done on the first side, use a fork to pierce the bread and flip it to cook on the other side.

    4.       Serve it to your family with fresh fruit (berries work best, I especially like strawberries!) and sprinkle on some powdered sugar. Yum!

    Do you have a favorite spring breakfast that you love?

    Talk to ya later!




  • April Fool's Day jokes

    March 28, 2012

    Hey guys,

    Since April Fool’s Day is on Sunday, and I’m not a fan of hurting people’s feelings just to play a prank on them, I thought I’d share some jokes with you. You can borrow these for April Fool’s Day if you want.

    ·         What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

    o   Where is pop corn?

    ·         Why do dogs like trees so much?

    o   They like the bark!

    ·         Why didn’t the mummy want to go on vacation?

    o   Because he didn’t want to relax and unwind!

    ·         What does a bee wear to the beach?

    o   A bee-kini.

    (I have to admit, that last one is my favorite.)

    Have a great day!