• Painted Tree

    September 07, 2011

    Hey guys,

    Ruby painted with me yesterday and made me realize how much I love it! My mom’s best friend Ruby, who she has been friends with since she was little, is visiting us from out of town this week. Yesterday she went to the craft store while I was at school and when she picked me up, she said she had a surprise waiting for me at home. There was an easel set up holding a white canvas, which is like cloth stretched really tight over wood and you paint on it!

    She helped me paint a gigantic tree and it turned out awesome! I had to let it dry overnight. I’m hoping my dad will let me hang it in my room. She even taught me how to sign my artwork so it looks like a real artist signed it: ME, of course!

    Catch ya later!




  • Special visitor!

    September 05, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    Well, the weatherman was right, it has rained practically every day all weekend! It’s a good thing I have all these books to read from my school reading list. I got through two of them just in time to help my parents get the house ready for our special guests coming this week!

    My mom’s best friend, Ruby, from when she was little, is flying across the country tomorrow! She is staying with us for a week and I can’t wait to show her the town. We already have plans to go out to dinner the first night she is here to our favorite burger place around the corner. Then we are definitely going to go to the zoo. Ruby is a grade school art teacher, so I told mom I wanted to visit the art museum with her because I bet she could tell me all kinds of cool stuff I wouldn’t learn by visiting by myself.

    Well, I gotta go vacuum for Ruby’s visit!

    Peace out!




  • Three-day weekend!

    August 31, 2011

    Hey guys,

    This weekend is Jr. Cybearguide® appreciation weekend, so it’s a great time to visit buildabearville.com™ to get special gifts! And normally, the Zoo is only open to VIB users in Bearville™, but this weekend it is open to everyone. So make sure to stop by to get your sneak peek!

    Monday is Labor Day in the United States, which means many people are off work and kids (like me!) don’t have school! So, what am I going to do with my three-day weekend? I’m going to read! I got a bunch of new books from school and my goal is to get ahead in my reading just in case I get really busy. Plus, the weather forecast says it’s supposed to rain all weekend anyway, and everyone knows curling up with a book is awesome when it’s raining outside.

    Talk to ya later!