• Summer Style

    June 01, 2011

    Hi everyone!

    Can you believe it’s already June!? And do you know what is so awesome about June? The first day of summer! I knoooow, it’s like three weeks away, but still. Summer means more outdoor feasts and sunshine and just all kinds of celebrations, so I get really excited about it.

    One of the reason I love summer is because there are so many things you can make yourself that add style to your wardrobe. Did you see the latest Craftshop episode? Dana, who we know loves fashion too, taught us how to make sweater cuffs. They are like bracelets that you make yourself from stuff you already have! I watched it yesterday and made two already since they are so easy. One is yellow, my fav color, and I put some red stripes on it so I can wear it with my new red shorts, and one is black with sparkly jewels on it. I made the black one because it kinda goes with everything. I can’t wait to wear them because I know my friends are going to want them too.

    Actually, I’m just gonna go make a few more to give them next time I see them. Everyone could use a sweater cuff bracelet!

    Peace out!