• Helping the birds!

    January 09, 2012

    Hey guys,

    Over the weekend, I babysat my neighbor’s kids. They are 6 and 8 year old girls. I watched them for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. It was just enough time to make a bird feeder for their yard, and it’s something you can do too!

    Look for a pine cone in your yard or ask your parents where to find one. With a parent’s help, cut some string, any kind will work, about 18 inches, or a foot and a half long. Tie it around the top of the pinecone so you can hang it from a tree. Then, get a spoon and spread peanut butter all over the pinecone. The peanut butter is like your glue, since it’s edible and not harmful to animals. Next, you need to roll the pinecone in birdseed and voila! You’ve just made a delicious bird feeder. The birds in your neighborhood will love it! Did you know that food can be hard for birds to find in the winter? It’s nice to make them something they will love!

    Have fun!