• Worms & dirt…mmm, delicious!

    May 25, 2011

    Hey guys!

    So I’m going to my friend’s sleepover on Friday and I can’t wait because it seems like forever since we got to do this. I think there’s going to be five of us there and we all agreed to bring a fun activity. So, I’ve decided to bring a sweet spring snack for us to make!

    It’s called Worms and Dirt. I know what you’re thinking…gross! But, it’s delicious! First, you need chocolate pudding, chocolate sandwich cookies and gummy worms. Then, you need a clear glass or a plastic cup. To make the delicious dessert, smash up a bunch of sandwich cookies and layer the pudding with the cookie crumbs in the cup.Then once you get close to the top, you put a couple gummy worms in it and voila! You’ve got yourself worms and dirt that you can eat!  It’s a pretty scrumptious snack that I think everyone will like.

    Talk to ya later!