• Goodbye Friends

    October 25, 2013

    Well hello there, strangers!

    Oh, how I’ve missed you! I’ve been so busy with school projects the last few weeks that I haven’t even had time to say hello. I’ve got lots of new stuff going on.  I’ve joined the symphonic band and the debate team, so between all of those after school practices with band and getting ready for my first debate with another school, I’m so busy. But it’s great to be busy. I’m meeting lots of new people and making lots of new friends. This is the last time I’ll be able to write to you, but I have some beary special things I want to tell you.

    One of the coolest new things I’ve discovered recently is this awesome app called Bear Valley™. It’s free to download on Apple and Android devices, and it’s all for furry friends! Even though I can’t get in (because I’m human,) I can see inside and watch all of the pawsome things the furry friends are doing in there. They can play games, go shopping, ride the train, meet new friends and play games with their friends. It’s just so cool. And then there is another version that you can buy, like an upgrade, so YOU can play as your favorite furry friend. So, no matter if you have a firefighter monkey or an ice skating bunny that you play with at home, if you download the full version of Bear Valley, you can pick to play as your favorite furry friend.  Love it!

    Bear Valley is just one of the things I’m really excited about. I’m also excited that we’re getting into one of my favorite times of the year: fall! It’s really fun to get dressed in the fall because you can wear layers, which means it’s time to break out the cold weather clothes. In the fall, when it’s kind of cold and crisp outside, I like to wear a bright colored T-shirt under a cute sweater, and then of course, I accessorize with a cute necklace or some kind of sparkly earrings. And I like scarves too, which are so in style right now. Plus, it’s easy to make your own out of old clothes and materials that you already have. Just search for some guides online, with the help of an adult, of course, and you’re sure to find some styles you’ll want to make yourself. Yay for fall!

    Well, this is it, my friends. I sure have enjoyed talking to you and keeping you up-to-date on all the pawsome things I’ve done in the last few years. I know that you’ll keep up with Bear Valley and all the cool things going on in the world of fashion. Be sure to check my old posts for craft ideas and DIY projects! And don’t forget to be you, because you are the only you on the planet, and that’s something to celebrate.

    Stay forever pawsome!

    Your BFF, ChloeRocks™