• Parent's Day

    July 24, 2013

    Guess what? A very special day is coming up on Sunday.  It’s called Parent’s Day. It’s not a big deal in most countries, but I think it’s a good reason to do extra stuff for parents to show that you appreciate them. Even little stuff like doing the dishes, taking out the trash, keeping the counter clean all day, asking if they need any help in the yard, or, if you have a garden, weeding it for them. I mean, they do awesome stuff for us all year long, they are always there to drive us around to practices and lessons and games and our friends’ houses, and it’s just nice to do something nice for them, you know?

    Speaking of gardens, my dad’s garden is crazy awesome this summer! He planted tons of stuff this year that he doesn’t normally plant, like onions, broccoli (yum!), rhubarb (which takes a few years to grow before it’s ready to eat), and zucchini. Now, let me tell you about those zucchini plants. Those things are GIANT! They are probably five to six feet across and their leaves are as big as a dinner plate! And what’s funny is that they produce these tiny little green zucchini squashes from that giant plant. But they’re awfully good, especially when they’re cooked on the grill!

    See ya later!