• Totally ME Tees & Tanks

    June 05, 2013

    Hi, people!

    This Saturday is Best Friend’s Day! So, of course, I’m totally going to hang out with my pals. And I am going to plan for rain, just in case. It’s been really rainy lately and even though I’d really rather play outside I wanted to make sure I’m prepared to play inside, too.

    I am going to bring bleach pens, cardboard and newspaper to my friend’s house on Saturday when we hang out so we can make bleach pen T-shirts and tanks. We could even decorate jean shorts or something; that would be really cute! Here is a picture of one I did with my mom last year. It’s really easy. Just make sure you protect your work area so you don’t accidentally bleach a couch or chair or even worse, something fab from your closet that you totally love! Eeek! Anyway, once you follow the directions on the back of the bleach pen for how to make it work, just draw whatever design you want on your old or reused or plain piece of clothing that you’ve decided to decorate. I like tank tops in the summer because it gets really hot where I live, (but I always make sure to wear sunscreen when I know I’m going to be outside.)

    Have sun!