• Spring is in BLOOM…in my ROOM!

    May 09, 2011

    Hey everyone,

    My room is blooming with flowers and fashion! I made the tissue paper flowers that Dana showed us how to make on last week’s Craftshop and my room is SO springy! I love it! I added some flare to them and made them different colors for a super-bright effect. If you’re wondering how I made them like that, instead of just using a round cup like Dana did in the Craftshop episode, I added triangles to the outside edge to give my flowers more shape. They totally brighten my day when I see them in the morning. Have you made any yet?

    I’m also totally excited to bust out my spring wardrobe. Dressing in bright colors is so “in” right now. It’s so nice to pull out all of my fav spring threads!  

    Well, I’ve got some folding to do (of winter clothes, that is) so we’ll have to chat later!

    Peace out!