• Party time!

    October 19, 2011

    Dear readers!

    I have been waiting to tell you about the party we’re going to have on Monday at school! We are going to make popcorn balls and caramel apples, two of my favorite things. To make the caramel apples, we’re using green Granny Smith apples (because those are the sour ones that taste best with the sweet caramel) and my teacher is getting the right kind of caramel.

    My teacher said she’ll bring in a crockpot to melt the caramel and we will each poke a stick into the apple and dip it in the caramel! Then, we will lay them on waxed paper to cool before wrapping them in plastic and bringing them home.

    Mom said I have to wait until after dinner to eat mine. I hope I have room though, because she made an awesome fall dinner with my favorite kind of squash: spaghetti.

    More about spaghetti squash later!

    Happy Halloween!




  • Kooky and spooky!

    October 17, 2011

    Tee he he he he, hoah ha ha ha ha!

    I’ve been practicing my best witch laugh all weekend and I think it’s driving my parents crazy! Halloween is in a week and I’m going to compete in the Best Witch laugh competition at school next Monday. Do you know what you’re going to be yet?

    I think I’m going to be a fortune teller. I just love the fortune teller costume at Build-A-Bear Workshop, so I’ll base my costume off of that. I think I’m going to get a little bouncy ball and cover it with foil for my crystal ball. I hope I can make my whole costume; it’s more fun that way!

    Talk to you later!




  • Win a Kinect Prize Pack!

    October 12, 2011


    You can now unlock 4 different Build-A-Bear Workshop bears with Kinect! That means if you have a Kinect for Xbox 360, you can get one of the special bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop, bring it home, and play with it in the new Kinectimals Now With Bears game. It’s really cool because it basically brings the bear to life and you can go on adventures with the bear right on your screen!

    If you don’t have a Kinect, Build-A-Bear Workshop is giving you a chance to win a whole prize pack! The prize pack has an Xbox 360 operating system, a Kinect game console, the Kinectimals Now With Bears game and a gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop. All you have to do is enter the BABW Kinect for Xbox 360 Sweepstakes at www.buildabear.com/kinect By October 31st! So hurry!

    You don’t want to miss this pawsome opportunity! Good luck!