• Birds

    February 06, 2013

    Hi guys,

    Ever since I was little, my parents have always had one or two bird feeders outside of our family room windows. We love feeding the birds, especially in the winter when they are looking for good food. If you have a bird feeder, it is really cool to watch the birds come to eat. I especially love all the amazing bird facts I’ve learned since my family keeps bird books in our family room. When I see a new bird that I’ve never seen before, I just look it up to learn about it. That way we also learn about why certain birds are there, because not all birds live in the same place all year round. Some birds do this thing called migrating, where they fly north or south for the winter. Usually if a type of bird migrates, they do it out of instinct, which means they were born knowing that they should do it. I still didn’t get it so I asked my dad about this, and he said there are other reasons birds might migrate. He said some birds migrate to find “reliable sources of food”. Basically he means that a lot of times birds will fly to different places to find yummy food they know they can get. Because if they stayed in one spot, it would get really cold and all the good food that they like would disappear for the winter, so they fly to a place where they know they can get the good grub! (Haha, no pun intended, right? Cause some birds eat grubs and grub is kind of a slang term for food, too. Tee hee.)

    I mean, if you think about it, it’s actually really smart. Why not go to where you the good food can be found, right?

    I’ll tell you all about my favorite bird next week. Do you have a favorite bird?

    Peace out!




  • Celebrate Bear-uary™!

    January 14, 2013

    Hi there!

    If you haven’t been out and about lately, then you may not know that the Bear-uary has begun. That’s the celebration stuffed with love, hugs and friendship at Build-A-Bear Workshop. It’s during the season when you celebrate Valentine’s Day and all of the people you love in your life. You know, Valentine’s Day is not just for Valentines. It’s also for friends and family, because those are the people you love to spend time with and those are the people who love to celebrate with you.

    I always give my friends and family extra special Valentines. This year, to collect the Valentines from my class, I’m using my Cub Condo to make a Valentine’s box. You can find the craft in the latest issue of the Cubazine, a pawsome magazine from Build-A-Bear workshop stuffed with …new friends, fashion, fun, games and more! Check it out at www.buildabear.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Cubazine button.

    Have fun!




  • Slithering Serpentine!

    January 09, 2013

    What’s up, guys?

    So, my bread pudding was amazing, but I’ll have to tell you my recipe later. I have something even cooler to talk about.

    The Chinese New Year starts on February 10 this year, and because this is the Year of the Snake, Build-A-Bear Workshop is selling pawsome snakes in some stores and on both their United States and United Kingdom websites. I just wanted you to know because it’s such a unique animal and a very special holiday.

    Just look at how cute it is!

    The Chinese New Year is a huge celebration and it’s known as the Spring Festival. This festival is celebrated for about two weeks every year. People who work far away from their families have time to travel home and spend quality time with the people they love.  It’s a beary big celebration!

    Check ya later!




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