• New Hobbies

    January 02, 2013

    What’s up, everyone?

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had a pawsome celebration with your friends and family ringing in 2013!

    I don’t go back to school until Monday, so I’m going to the bird store with my dad today to get some bird seed. He gave my mom a bird feeder for Christmas so we want to get it up so that the birds can start coming to our yard to get food. Since it’s so cold, the birds will be looking for different places to get their food. Putting a bird feeder in your yard during the colder months is a great way to learn about wildlife, too, and you don’t even have to go outside!

    I’ll make a peanut butter pine cone bird feeder next week and show you how easy it is to feed the birds in your neighborhood. I like making bird feeders and watching the birds come because I can get out my bird book and learn about why those birds are at my feeder. Did you know that different seeds are meant for different types of birds because of how their beaks are shaped? Plus, birds are descendants of dinosaurs, so that makes them even cooler because their ancestors lived all the way back in prehistoric times!

    Catch ya later!




  • New Year Resolutions

    December 31, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    Since I’m starting a journal tomorrow, the first day of 2013, I thought I would tell you some other ideas for New Year’s resolutions that maybe you could try.

    Because giving back makes you feel good and also helps others, why not try giving 30 minutes of your time each week to your community. You could help rake leaves, plant flowers or trees, visit a retirement community and make crafts or reads books with the people that live there, you could help pick up trash around the park (be sure to check with an adult first, cause you’ll want to make sure you’re allowed to do this and you’ll want to be safe, too). There are lots of ways to give back!

    What about starting an art hobby for you? Arts and crafts are a great way to build a skill like drawing, but you don’t have to be an artist to practice. Even just blobs of paint in a sketch pad can be really fun! You’ll appreciate having them to look back on later. I sometimes do sketches with regular ball-point pens to outline vegetables (fruit and vegetables are great to start with because they are simple shapes and they don’t move, that’s why people call them “still life”.) Then, I color in the middle with colored pencil. Colored pencils are a great thing to use to learn the technique of shading, that’s what my favorite art teacher taught me.

    Anyway, good luck in the New Year! But I’m sure I’ll see you around.





  • Boxing Day

    December 26, 2012

    Hello, readers!

    The day after Christmas is usually a time to keep playing with our new toys for kids who live in the United States. But in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and some other countries, December 26 is called Boxing Day and a lot of adults in those countries don’t have to go to work today. Instead they shop!

    I’ll probably go shopping with my new gift cards, too, but Boxing Day is a super big shopping day. A ton of people go out to get awesome deals on clothes and stuff after Christmas. Sounds like fun for fashionistas, right? I would also probably buy some things to give as gifts on Boxing Day if it was celebrated here. I love finding the perfect gift for my friends, and I’d also find some good deals on new toys to donate, too. Because giving shouldn’t just stop on Christmas, giving should happen all year, you know?

    Peace out!