• Slithering Serpentine!

    January 09, 2013

    What’s up, guys?

    So, my bread pudding was amazing, but I’ll have to tell you my recipe later. I have something even cooler to talk about.

    The Chinese New Year starts on February 10 this year, and because this is the Year of the Snake, Build-A-Bear Workshop is selling pawsome snakes in some stores and on both their United States and United Kingdom websites. I just wanted you to know because it’s such a unique animal and a very special holiday.

    Just look at how cute it is!

    The Chinese New Year is a huge celebration and it’s known as the Spring Festival. This festival is celebrated for about two weeks every year. People who work far away from their families have time to travel home and spend quality time with the people they love.  It’s a beary big celebration!

    Check ya later!