• Happy Teacher's Day

    May 02, 2011

    Hi everybody,

    Since tomorrow is National Teachers Day I’m trying to put together something really special for my favorite teacher. I made a card with lots of colors and I made my own coupons to go inside. The coupons are for things that I would help her with around the classroom, like one of them says, “good for one day of passing out handouts,” or “good for two times of collecting homework in the morning.” I just tried to think of little stuff that I could do to help make her day easier. And, best of all, coupons are free to make! I just use notecards and markers and make them as colorful as possible. You can even put expiration dates on them too. I just love making homemade gifts!

    We’re also celebrating Teachers’ Day in Bearville with a FREE gift!  So stop by the Classroom in Bear University and have a seat in the teacher’s chair to grab yours!

    Don’t forget to thank your teacher tomorrow!