• Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

    October 10, 2012


    Tomorrow is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day, so you just have to send along one of your favorite furry friends with your parents to help them out. I always send one with both of my parents because they work in different places. And then they come home and show me pictures of all the things my bears helped out with all day.

    They also do this at World Bearquarters. Of course, there are already a lot of furry friends in that place every day. But on Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day everyone brings their favorite furry friend and even the dogs (that’s right, they let dogs come to the office with them, how cool!) pose for pictures! Here are a couple of the pups from last year showing off their favorite furry friends helping them at work. Aren’t they adorable?

    The one on the left is Jose. He loves all furry friends and sleeps with them while his mom is working. Mia is on the right. She usually finds a favorite, like Clarice, and cuddles with that one for a while.

    Hope your furry friends have a beary busy day at work!