• Virtual Furry Friends are back!

    October 08, 2012

    Hi guys,

    I just have to tell you that virtual furry friends are back, and this time there is a brand new virtual animal you can get to play with you in Bearville: a dinosaur! I’m a huge fan of dinos because, well, they are basically giant lizards and I just can’t get over how funny they look compared to animals we have today. All those spikes and leathery skin must have come in handy for lots of stuff.

    Did you know when you get a virtual friend they can walk around Bearville with you and play games? And when you first get them, you even get to pick out what color they are going to be and what pattern their virtual fur is going to have. My dino, of course, has virtual scales though, not fur. There are so many pawsibilities! This is also a pawfect gift, too. I would love for a friend (or one of my aunts or uncles) to give me a virtual furry friend to play with on Bearville.

    Have fun in Bearville, y’all!