• You could be a star!

    April 25, 2011

    What’s up everyone?

    Before I get into anything else, I have to let you know that today is your last day to enter for a chance to win the Bearville™ Be A Star Sweepstakes. To enter for your chance to be a star, go to buildabearville.com/beastar. You could win a trip to New York City or Los Angeles and host one of our original shows on Bearville! It’s really pawsome so check it out and enter before your time runs out.

    Are you ready for National Hug a Friend Day tomorrow? There are lots of new friends to hug at Build-A-Bear Workshop like the new Colors of Friendship Collection friends. These colorful cuties will really help brighten your day! And best of all is that you’ll get a cool mood bracelet inspired by a friend of Build-A-Bear Workshop, Victoria Justice. Here’s your chance to snag her style! Anyway, I’m off to ride my bike. Don’t want to waste all this free time inside!

    Check ya later!