• Superhero Weekend!

    September 26, 2012

    Kapow! BAM! Whoosh!

    Tee hee. I just love superhero words. They sound just like they look on a page. Those are called onomatopoeias (pronounced like AH-no-mahn-oh-PEE-ahs), which are words that sound like the action they are describing. Like when someone says “whoosh!” you pretty much know what they mean because that word sounds like a whoosh, you know?

    Anyway, I was talking superhero in the first place because this weekend is Superhero Weekend at Build-A-Bear Workshop! They are giving away a FREE superhero bracelet for you and your furry friend with every purchase of a furry friend costume! Plus, it totally makes sense to go since Halloween is so close, right? I mean, even though I think everyone should have a superhero costume just in case (‘cause you never know when you’re going to need to fight the bad guys), it’s also pawfect because you can dress up your furry friend in one of these costumes!

    Have a pawsome weekend!