• Summer Lights

    July 23, 2012

    Hi guys,

    I found a way to reuse all the glass jars my mom puts in the recycling bin. It’s a good craft for summer, because most summer nights my family, or me and my friends, are outside. I’ve just been using fabric scraps to cover the glass jars and to create little summer lanterns! You can also use acrylic paint or tissue paper, there are lots of cool things that could be put on the jars. I used some leftover jewelry wire to make hangers for them.

    Summer lanterns

    I use decoupage, or a mixture of glue and water, to stick the fabric pieces on the glass and then I coat them with a layer once everything is where I want it. If you are going to use paint, be sure to coat the jar in decoupage once you are finished so it doesn't peel off. See the ones I made? This is what they look like when they are hanging. (My dad put the hooks on the deck for me, we used plant hangers so they are far away from the wall.)

    summer lanterns on deck

    They have little candles in them. Mom said I could make more and whenever we are outside at night we can use them as lights. They’ll look so cool when there are more of them, and we probably won’t even have to use electricity! This is what they look like when they're lit and it's dark out.

    summer lanterns lit up

    I love the way they twinkle, and I think you will, too. (Just be sure you have an adult's permission and supervision whenever you are using candles of any kind.)

    Have a pawsome day!