• My own fishing pole

    June 27, 2012

    Hey everyone,

    When I told my parents I wanted to buy a new fishing pole, they said I had to save up for it. I’ve always saved up for the big things I want to buy, but I want to get this soon so I can use it this summer, before I have to go back to school!

    Luckily, my dad said that if I start cutting the grass, he will give me extra allowance. That means that if I cut the grass for two weeks I’ll have enough to buy the one I want. It’s shiny and red, and it comes with a cute little tackle box! Tackle boxes keep your hooks, plastic bait, bobbers and stuff for when you go fishing. It’s like a jewelry box for your fishing stuff.

    I can’t wait! I’ll have to find some friends to go with, because as much as I wanna go, my dad will probably get sick of me. Haha, just kidding!

    Talk to ya later!