• Gone fishin'!

    June 25, 2012

    Guess what!

    I caught my own dinner yesterday! Yup, I went fishin’ with my uncle and we caught 9 fish! They were all about a foot long, so we brought them back for dinner. Catching fish, very fun. Cleaning fish, not so fun. In fact, I was totally grossed out by all the guts and stuff, so my uncle did it all for me.

    But the family was very impressed and my mom cooked them so tasty for dinner! It’s cool how fast fresh fish cook. They were probably only in the pan for a couple of minutes each. We sprinkled some bread crumbs on them and salt and pepper and that’s it. They don’t need much when they’re that fresh!

    If you ever get the chance to go fishing for your own dinner, you have to do it. It’s awesome.

    Check ya later!