• Magazine bracelet

    May 03, 2012

    What’s up?

    At this time of year my mom goes on a cleaning spree and throws out a ton of old magazines. She knows I like to use them for crafts, though, so usually I get first pick and get to keep a handful of them before she recycles them all. Here is a stylish bracelet craft that you’ll like, and you can make it with just a few items you already have around the house!

    Here’s what you’ll need: cardboard (from a tissue or cereal box), old magazines, clear stretchy jewelry string, school or craft glue (the kind that dries clear), a thin pencil, rod or skewer (the kind you’d use for barbecuing) and some clear nail polish.

    1. Cut a triangle out of the cardboard that has a 1 inch base and is 6 inches long. Use that as your pattern to draw 35-40 triangles on colorful magazine paper. (You can also use black and white magazine paper for a completely different look!)

    2. Make a bead by wrapping the paper around the stick, starting with the base and rolling toward the point. When you get to the point, glue it down so it sticks.

    Its okay to use your fingers to spread some of the glue around the bead, just so you make sure it stays put.

    *Your beads will look like this while you are making them on the skewer or stick. Once they are dry you can gently twist them off and continue making more beads on the skewer. They usually dry pretty fast.

    3. Once the beads are all dry, pull them off the stick and lay them out. Using a criss-crossed or figure 8 style you’ll want to thread the fishing line into both sides of the bead and out of the other side. Continue to thread the beads like that until you have made it big enough to stretch around your wrist. Then tie and knot the ends a few times, and place a dot of clear nail polish on the knots so they don’t come undone.paper beads

    Once you’ve finished one you can make a ton more to go with all your different outfits! These also make great presents, and don’t forget, Mother’s Day is coming soon!

    Catch ya later!