• What’s Hot!

    April 04, 2011

    Hi everyone!

    Did you watch the latest episode of Bearville Live? If you haven’t already be sure to check it out because there is a ton of great info on all the happenings in Bearville, plus all the latest details about our first ever sweepstakes! That’s right! We are finally giving YOU the chance to host one of the three Bearville shows, PLUS you will get an awesome trip to either New York City or Los Angeles. So be sure to check buildabearville.com™ for all the details on how to enter this amazing contest.

    Also, if you’re looking for something to do this week be sure to watch tomorrow’s episode of Craftshop! In this episode our DIY expert Dana, who loves bags and purses of all kinds, shows us how to make a cute studded bag. I can’t wait because I’ve really been needing a new accessory and this sounds like something that I can wear with everything.

    Talk to ya later!




  • A Helping Hand

    March 30, 2011

    Hi friends!

    I’m always looking for fun ways to give back and help people in need. And recently, I discovered that Build-A-Bear Workshop is offering Cause for Celebration parties to help the children of St. Jude. When you have a party at Build-A-Bear Workshop you’ll make a $10 donation. In honor of this celebration donation, a St. Jude patient will receive a gift card so that THEY get to come in and make their own furry friend. PLUS all your friends at  the party sign a card to help brighten their day! It’s pretty sweet because you totally get to be a party hero by helping others! What could be better?

    It’s easy to find ways to give back if you look around you. Even something as simple as helping your neighbor in the yard or a friend carry books can make them smile. Doing nice things for other people always makes me feel good too, so I like to do it every chance I get!

    Keep smilin’!




  • Playin’ Games!

    March 28, 2011

    Hi Everyone!

    So, you know how I love hanging with the fam? Well it turned out to be not so sunny this weekend so I was just gonna watch movies, but my dad thought it was better to actually DO something together. So I picked out some games and we played like all afternoon.  And now that I think about it, I’m really glad dad said ‘no’ to the movies cause even though I didn’t win, playing games was way more fun.

    Speaking of games, there’s a classic game in Bearville™ that you have to play if you haven’t already. It’s called Fast Paw and you can find it at the Skate Park. It’s where you have to bounce the ball off your paw and keep it from touching the ground as long as possible. Actually, there are a lot of games there that are really cool. Do you have a favorite game in the Skate Park? If you ever see me there be sure to say hi!

    Happy gaming!