• Spring school fun

    April 11, 2012

    What’s up?

    Since spring is the time that more birds are around, we are learning a lot about them in school right now. We’re learning about birds that migrate, which means that they fly away to warmer climates in the winter and come back here in the spring when it starts to get warm again. We’re also learning about wintering birds, like cardinals. Wintering birds are birds that don’t migrate; they live here all year long.

    Because the ground gets so cold here in the winter, lots of wintering birds can’t eat the same foods in the winter that they can find in the summer. This means that wintering birds are pretty smart because they have to find different places to get food in the winter. We are going to make a bird feeder tomorrow in class, so I’ll tell you how to make it next week! The things you’ll need are a medium-sized pinecone (about the size of your hand will be perfect), a piece of waxed paper, a spoon, peanut butter, bird seed and a piece of string or yarn to use to hang your birdfeeder.

    Have a great weekend!